Investment Visa Options To Live In The United States

Visa options for entrepreneurs, investors and their family to live and prosper in the United States.

Three Visa Options For Your Investment

A Unique Combination Of Financial And Legal Expertise

Mr. Geygan, earned his bachelor of science in finance at Xavier University.  After graduation Mr. Geygan was hired by a software company to provide technical support to mutual fund companies and be a liaison between the fund managers and the programmers.

In the more than twenty years Mr. Geygan has been practicing law he has helped many entrepreneurs, investors and their families come and live in the United States profitably. In each case, Mr. Geygan’s understanding of how the law and investment must be shown to immigration has been extremely valuable. Mr. Geygan has decades of success with E-2 and EB-5 visas.

All Investment Visa Options Require The Following Analysis

To Be Successful.

  • Investor Analysis

    Does the investor have the qualifications, financially and legally, to receive the visa?

  • Funds Tracing

    Can we show the funds were lawfully obtained and untainted to qualify for the visa?

  • Legal Analysis

    Does the investment meet the legal tests for the visa sought?

  • Funds Escrow

    Does the escrow account have the funds committed yet still protects the investor?

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